We help our SME customers to review their banking arrangements – our aims are to provide education and insight to your business banking, and to help you improve your business banking relationships


ExplainMyBanking has been developed to allow our users to quickly and easily understand the strengths and weakness of their business banking, compare you against similar companies and then improve them to save costs

We’re not a business banking comparison service, but an educational tool, motivating you to begin to learn more

We’ve developed a unique framework that instantly reviews many aspects of a business’ relationship with its banks, allowing users to concentrate on the results and then implement their own actions to address any concerns

We have established partnerships with financial service providers who want to do more business with UK SMEs and we introduce the appropriate partner should you require

And if you have worries about the impact of Brexit on your business – visit our partner;  The Brexit Tracker


Ben Martin (Founder) profession background & experience

I worked in banking for 22 years, across a number of products and bank divisions, servicing a wide variety of customers, both large and small.  It was from all these experiences that shaped the creation of BMBAL as a company that would provide education to businesses on their banking.

ExplainMyBanking was originally developed as an “in-house” tool to assess where we could help our clients – which quickly led to demand from any business to use it and become “business banking informed.

I am AMCT qualified (Association of Corporate Treasurers) and an FCA (FSA) CF30 Approved Person. I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a First Class BA degree in Finance Services.

Please do review my LinkedIn page or send me an email via the Contact us page

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